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Group Plan Commission

The Group Plan Commission is a non-profit corporation that formed to transform the Mall area of downtown Cleveland. Its goal is to physically transform our Public Square and surrounding areas to allow the greatest use by our citizens. The member of this Group Plan Commission will work with representatives of our public, private and non-profit sectors in an effort to advance the various aspects of this world-class public space including addressing design and architectural programs, environmental and sustainability components and incorporating emerging trends in urban planning and park creation.

Commission members are appointed by the City of Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, the Downtown Cleveland Alliance and the Greater Cleveland Partnership.

The Commission members will be community leaders with ties and connections to our local civic infrastructure including the private and public sectors. The Commission will have an extensive role to play in the fundraising realm and the Commission members will provide leadership on communicating the ultimate plan that will be drafted as well as obtaining the necessary funds to implement the completion of the projects contained in the Commission’s plan. The members of the Commission shall serve without pay.