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Cuyahoga County Boards & Commissions

A major goal of Cuyahoga County is to ensure all voices are valued, respected and heard.  This goal is accomplished in part by Citizen Policy Making and Advisory Boards and Commissions. Each board and commission is governed by the laws and regulations that have authorized them. Members represent the specific mission of the boards or commission to which they have been appointed.  We encourage you to consider applying for a position to strengthen and expand relationships with community partners.

The Executive has appointing authority subject to the confirmation by the Council. The Department of Regional Collaboration works alongside the County Executive to select highly qualified people from all backgrounds, neighborhoods and communities, and to seek out and encourage those people who have been traditionally under-represented in the public policy decision making process.  

Application Process:
Peruse the list of external boards.  Review any responsibilities and qualifications and examine if they align with your passion, experiences and goals.

Click on the link to the general application to begin completing the short and general questionnaire ensuring you note your interest and qualifications for specific boards.  If there is no specific board that interests you please state that in the questionnaire. 

You can also submit your information through the Cuyahoga County Jobs Portal.

Most boards are subject to appointment by the County Executive with confirmation by the County Council.

Please reach out to the contact person for the board or commission if you have any additional questions.

*You can only apply to vacant positions that are appointed by the County Executive or County Council President.*

Links to Application and Lists of Boards and Commissions:

Other Useful Links:
These Documents are the enabling legislation for a majority of the boards. You can find the specific enabling legislation in the details of each of the boards.


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