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Cuyahoga County Citizens’ Advisory Council on Equity

The Cuyahoga County Citizens’ Advisory Council on Equity is established pursuant to Ordinance 2012-0014, effective August 20, 2012. This Council will serve as a resource for information and advice for the Equity Commission. It will encourage community outreach and public participation in the development of equity goals, strategies and programs and shall provide recommendations and input to the County Executive and Council regarding these matters. The Council shall meet quarterly and will provide a semi-annual report of recommendations and changes that need to be implemented, amended or abolished by the County government.

Pursuant to provisions in the provisions of the Ordinance 2012-0014, the Citizens’ Advisory Council shall consist of fifteen members. Appropriate efforts will be made to have the membership of the Council be reflective of the diversity of the population of Cuyahoga County. The members shall be nominated by the County Executive and confirmed by the County Council. While not required, it is anticipated that the members of this Council shall be residents of Cuyahoga County and each will possess an adequate relationship with private, non-profit and governmental agencies working with Cuyahoga County and related business enterprises. The members of this Council shall serve without pay.