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Department of the Fiscal Officer
2079 East 9th Street
Cleveland, Ohio 44115

The primary functions are:
  • Auditing annual tax budgets of 105 taxing authorities in Cuyahoga County.
  • Determining annual property tax rates for each taxing authority.
  • Issuing Official Amended Certificate of Estimated Resources to each taxing authority; this document is a statement of all estimated revenues and is used as a budgetary tool to review spending.
  • Distributing all property tax revenues collected to 38 cities, 19 villages, 2 townships, 33 school districts, 9 library systems, and 4 county taxing authorities (County Executive, Port Authority, Tri-C, and Metro Park system). Over 2.4 billion dollars of tax revenues are distributed annually.
The Cuyahoga County Budget Commission is composed of two elected officials; the County Fiscal Officer, County Prosecutor, and County Executive. The County Fiscal Officer serves as the Secretary to the Commission and employs a staff to execute the statutory functions of the Budget Commission.

Public Meetings:
Meetings are held 4 times per year on the first Monday of the months of February, August, September and December.