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Cuyahoga County Administrative Headquarters
2079 East 9th Street
Cleveland, Ohio 44115

Telephone: 216-443-7195
FAX: 216-443-8282

The Board of Revision has the responsibility of investigating, hearing, and deciding all valid and timely filed complaints relating to the valuation of real property as appears on the Fiscal Officer's tax duplicate. It must journalize its decisions, send notices of hearings and decisions, certify its action to the Fiscal Officer for any changes, receive appeals from its decisions, notify any parities to the proceedings and prepare transcripts for appeals, and certify the subsequent appeal decisions to the Fiscal Officer for any correction. Annually, its approval is needed before the Fiscal Officer's tax list is advertised and sent to the Tax Commissioner for approval and before the Fiscal Officer can strike personal property items considered uncollectible for five years from the cumulative tax list and duplicate.  

Appointing Authority    Length of Term 
Cuyahoga County  9  Members serve at the pleasure of their appointing authorities

Public Meetings:
An organizational meeting is held annually on the second Monday in January. Other meetings are scheduled as required.

O.R.C. §5715

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