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2012 W. 25th Street, 6th Floor
Cleveland OH 44113

William M. Denihan
Chief Executive Officer
Telephone: 216-241-3400, ext. 816
FAX: 216-861-5067

ADAMHS Board Staff Contact:
Carol Krajewski
Executive Specialist
Telephone: 216-479-3286


The function of the Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services Board (ADAMHS) is to plan, fund and monitor public alcohol, drug addiction and mental health services in Cuyahoga County. It serves as a community planning agency for numerous county enterprises and evaluates service needs and priorities. Additionally, ADAMHS reviews and assesses the effectiveness of mental health and addiction services and facilities and addresses treatment options for consumers with mental health and/or addiction issues.


ADAMHS is governed by an eighteen-member Board of Directors. Each member shall serve a four year term and may no appointee shall serve more than two consecutive terms. The following categories must be represented on the Board of Directors:

a. A professional in the alcohol and drug treatment field;
b. A psychiatrist or a licensed physician;
c. A mental health professional;
d. A person recovering from an alcohol or drug addiction, or who is receiving services for alcohol or drug addiction;
e. A person who has received, or is receiving mental health services paid for by public funds;
f.  A parent or relative of a recovering person, or a person receiving alcohol and other drug   treatment services;
g. A parent or other relative of a person who has received or is receiving mental health services paid for by public funds;
h. An advocate of people in need of alcohol and other drug services.

Members shall be residents of Cuyahoga County and membership of the Board of Directors shall, as nearly as possible, reflect the composition of the population of the service area as to race and gender. All Board members serve without compensation.

Appointing Authority Length of Term
Cuyahoga County 10 4 years
Ohio Dept. of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services 4 4 years
Ohio Dept. of Mental Health 4 4 years

Public Meetings:
Meetings are held at 4:00 p.m. the fourth Wednesday of each month at the ADAMHS Board offices. The Board does not meet in August or December.

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