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Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District
4750 East 131 Street 
Garfield Heights, OH  44105

Diane Bickett, Executive Director
phone (216) 443-3714
Fax: 216-478-0014

The Cuyahoga County Solid Waste Policy Committee is responsible for the preparation and adoption of a solid waste management plan for Cuyahoga County that must be submitted to the Ohio EPA for review and approval. The plan must comply with all aspects of Ohio law, including Ohio EPA regulations and Ohio’s Solid Waste Plan. Each plan must be updated at least every five years. The Committee is comprised of representatives from the County government, municipal leaders and two at-large representatives, one of whom shall serve environmental interests and one who will represent industrial and commercial waste interests.

Pursuant to provisions in the Ohio Revised Code, each solid waste district must establish and convene a policy committee to prepare the solid waste management plan for the district. The Committee established for Cuyahoga County requires an at-large representative who will represent the “industrial, commercial, or institutional generators of solid wastes within the district”. The selected representative will serve a two-year term and will serve without compensation.

Appointing Authority   
Cuyahoga County*   10

Ex-Officio Membership     Length of Term
Cuyahoga County  3  4 years
Elected Officials*   8  3 years
Industry Representative    1  3 years
Public Representative   1  3 years

* The eight representatives shall be chief elected officials selected from Cuyahoga County. 

Public Meetings:
Meetings are held bi-monthly on the 2nd Thursday at the CPC Board Room at 2:00 p.m.

O.R.C. 713
O.R.C. 307.07
O.R.C. 307.152

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