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Archives Advisory Commission


Pursuant to Ordinance 02014-0028, Cuyahoga County has established an Archives Advisory Commission.  Created on October 14, 2014, this nine-member board promotes the identification and preservation of historical records and ensures access by Cuyahoga County and the general public through the operations of the county’s archive resources.  Additionally, this body will seek to raise awareness of the historical value and significance of Cuyahoga Count’s historical records through effective public programming.  The Commission will develop appropriate policies, practices and procedures to incorporate modern standards of archival administration that comply with all necessary legal requirements and best practices of involved agencies, including the Society of American Archivists.


The members of the Archives Advisory Commission serve staggered four-year terms, and will serve without compensation.  The nine members are:

  1. The County’s Chief Information Officer (or designee);
  2. The County’s Director of Public Works (or designee);
  3. A member of the County Council, as appointed by the Council President;
  4. The Clerk of Council;
  5. Five (5) remaining members will be appointed by the County Executive and confirmed by the County Council.

The appointed members must be electors of Cuyahoga County and shall have appropriate experience and education in relevant fields.  Specifically, background and degrees in History, Library Science, Genealogy or related fields, or work experience in archival facilities or related areas are necessary for service as an appointed member of this Commission.  Additionally, a working knowledge of current software is mandatory.