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Sandy Turk
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The Cuyahoga County Investment Advisory Committee, as required by O.R.C Section 135.341, oversees the Cuyahoga County Government's investment management policies. The Committee ensures that county investment practices are comprehensive and inclusive and that all investment practices and instruments are clearly authorized under said stated policies.

Appointing Authority   
Cuyahoga County   5

(Composition of County Investment Advisory Committee (Ohio Rev. Code {135.34 (A), (B) and (C) (effective September 27, 1996) Cuyahoga County declared the five member composition. It can be a 3 or 5 member board)

The Act alters the composition of the County Investment Advisory Committee. 

Public Meetings:
The Cuyahoga County Investment Advisory Committee meets at least once every three months. Any member may call a meeting giving five days notice. Meetings are usually held on Thursday in January, April, July and October at 1219 Ontario Street, Cleveland, Ohio 44113.

O.R.C. 135.341

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