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Homeless Services

Office of Health & Human Services
310 West Lakeside Avenue, 5th Floor
Cleveland, Ohio 44113

Ruth Gillett, Manager
Telephone: 216-420-6844
FAX: 216-420-6604 

The Office of Homeless Services Advisory Board (OHSAB) is an organization created to advise the Office of Homeless Services in the development and implementation of the Community's Homeless Plan through advocacy, policy review, technical assistance, priority setting, linkages and coordination, provision of financial and other resources, and the continued articulation of the vision of the Community's Homeless Plan.

The Advisory Board shall be broadly based with representation from all sectors of the community, including but not limited to: homeless individuals, service providers, corporations, funders and representatives of federal, state and local government. The board is composed of a minimum of 21 members. Ten members are appointed (see below) and eleven members are elected from the community.

Appointing Authority    Length of Term
Cuyahoga County  2  3 years
Mayor of Cleveland  1  
President of Cleveland City Council  1  
Cuyahoga County Community Mental Health Board  1  
Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services Board  1  
Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority  1
Veterans Administration  1
Northeast Coalition for the Homeless  2

Public Meetings:
The Advisory Board to the Office of Homeless Services meets six times a year. One of these meetings shall be held between January 1 and March 31 of each year.

O.R.C. 307.15
Resolution #922343