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Family Services Planning Committee

Alcohol and Drug Addiction
2012 W. 25th Street, 6th Floor
Cleveland, Ohio 44113

Telephone: 216-443-7032
FAX: 216-443-5884

The role of the Cuyahoga County Human Services Planning Committee is to gather input, review draft programs and make recommendations to the Cuyahoga County in developing and maintaining a community plan to implement Ohio Works First (OWF). The Human Services Planning Committee will serve as an advisory body of the Cuyahoga County with regard to the social services provided in the county, including assistance under Chapter 5107, Ohio Works First Program and 5108, the Prevention, Retention, and Contingency Program of the Revised Code, publicly funded child day care under Chapter 5104 of the Revised Code, and social services provided under Section 5101.46 of the Revised Code.

Appointing Authority   Length of Term
Cuyahoga County  Discretion of appointing authority

The Cuyahoga County Human Services Planning Committee's must include:

  1. A representative of the County Department of Human Services (CDHS).
  2. An employee in the classified civil services of the County Department of Human Services.
  3. A member to represent the public.
  4. The following groups and entities may be represented:
    1. Consumers of social services;
    2. The Public Children Services Agency;
    3. The Child Support Enforcement Agency;
    4. The County Family and Children First Council;
    5. Public and private colleges and universities;
    6. Public entities that provide social services, including Boards of Health, Boards of Education, the County
    7. Board of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities, and the Board of Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services that serves the county;
    8. Private non-profit and for-profit entities that provide social services in the county or that advocate for consumers of social services in the county, including entities that provide services to or advocate for victims of violence;
    9. Labor organizations;
    10. Any other group or entity that has an interest in the social services provided in the county, including groups or entities that represent the county's business sector.

Public Meetings:
Public meetings are to be held bi-monthly or more often as determined by majority of the Cuyahoga County Human Services Planning Committee or as requested by the Cuyahoga County.

H.B. 408, Ohio Revised Code Chapters 307.98, 329.06, 5101.46, 5104, 5107, 5108