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Virgil E. Brown Building
1640 Superior Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44114

Russell S. Kaye, PhD, MBA, - Interim Director
Telephone: 216-443-5100
FAX: 216-515-8484

The responsibility of the Cuyahoga Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA) is to assist in establishing parentage, as well as enforcing, collecting and disbursing child and spousal support obligations. The role of the Advisory Board is to advise and assist the CSEA on child support establishment and enforcement matters, in improving service within statutory and regulatory parameters, and assist in client affairs, public information and public education.

Members shall be residents of Cuyahoga County. At least two members are payers of child support; at least two members are recipients of child support; at least three members are advocates for child support; at least four members are community representatives; and one member shall be the Director of the Child Support Enforcement Agency.

Appointing Authority    Length of Term 
Cuyahoga County 12   3 years

Public Meetings:
Meetings are generally held every 3 months on the third Wednesday or Thursday of each month.

Resolution #925312

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