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Department of Internal Audit Reports


Peer Reviews 

Annual Audit Reports

  2021 Peer Review Report   2022 Audit Report
  2018 Peer Review Report 2021 Audit Report

Audit Plans


Risk Assessments

  2022 Audit Plan   2018 Risk Assessment
  2021 Audit Plan 2017 Risk Assessment
  2020 Audit Plan 2016 Risk Assessment
  2019 Audit Plan 2015 Risk Assessment
  2018 Audit Plan
  Revised 2016-2017 Audit Plan
  2016-2017 Audit Plan    

Audit Reports

Follow-up Reviews

  Real Property Process Audit Report    
  Employee Leave Payroll Review Report   Semi-Annual Issue Tracker Report June 30, 2021
  CECOMS Audit Report   Semi-Annual Issue Tracker Report December 31, 2021
  DSAS Audit Report    
  DCFS Programs Audit Report  
  JFS Benefits Compliance Report  
  Sheriff's Office Funds Audit Report    
  Fiscal Office Accounts Payable Audit Report    
  Office of Child Support Services Audit Report    
  Office of Homeless Services Audit Report    
  Public Works Capital Projects Report
  Medical Examiner's Office Report    
   IT Inventory Audit Report    
   Juvenile Court - Cash Collection Audit    
 Juvenile Court - Ancillary Services and Grants Audit    
  Benefits Eligibility and With-holdings Review Report   Sheriff’s Office Commissary Follow-Up Review Report
  Destination Cleveland Financial Review    
  Management of Grant Funds Investigation - AFIS Project     
  Invest in Children Subrecipient/Provider Monitoring Audit Report    
  Human Resources Benefits Review and Follow Up     
  Children and Family Services Duty Related Travel Reimbursement    
  Assessment on Disclosing and Identifying Conflicts of Interest  
  Benford's Law Internal Audit Report    
  Cuyahoga County Budget Commission Policies and Procedures Manual Review  
  Employee Reimbursement Audit  
  Parking Services Internal Audit Report Parking Services Follow-up Report 
  Procurement Process - IT Contracts Internal Audit Report  
  Cuyahoga County Human Resources Benefits Department – Fully Insured Plans January 1, 2017 – July 31, 2017  
  Cuyahoga County Healthcare Benefits Audit Report - Phase II   
  Human Resource Payroll Audit Report   
  Sheriff's Office Property Room Report  Sheriff's Office Property Room Report Follow-Up 
  Sheriff's Office Civil Division Report  Sheriff's Office Civil Follow-Up Report
  Sheriff's Office General Operations Report  Sheriff's Office General Operations Follow-Up Review Report 
  Fiscal Office Internal Payroll Audit Report   
  Crime Stoppers - Internal Audit Report  Crime Stoppers Follow-Up Report  
  Cuyahoga County Healthcare Benefits Audit Report    
  Cuyahoga County Treasurer's Internal Audit Report  Cuyahoga County Treasurer's Follow-up Report 
    Treasurer’s Office 2nd Follow-Up Review Report 
  Cuyahoga County Sheriff's Office - Commissary Department Audit Report   Commissary Follow-up Report 
  Animal Shelter Final Report   Animal Shelter Follow-Up Audit Report  
  Clerk of Courts Final Audit Report  Clerk of Courts Follow-up Audit Report 
  CRIS Internal Audit Report