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Audit Committee

Cuyahoga County Administrative Headquarters
2079 East 9th Street
Cleveland, Ohio 44115

Telephone: 216-443-6914
FAX: 216-8193

The Cuyahoga County Audit Committee is established pursuant to Article XI, Section 11.01 of the Cuyahoga County Charter. This body provides internal auditing to assist the County Executive, Fiscal Officer, the County Council and other county officers and departments funded in whole or in part by County funds. The goal of the Audit Committee is to provide efficient and effective services to County residents. The Audit Committee provides direction and guidance to the County’s Department of Internal Auditing, including establishing and amending relevant rules and operations. The Audit Committee members will participate in the hiring processes of certain personnel. The County Audit Committee meets quarterly and oversees internal and external audits.

Pursuant to provisions of the County Charter, the selection must be a resident of Cuyahoga County. Experience in auditing, accounting or other relevant fields is essential to this position. The successful applicant will have appropriate career and educational background to fill the position’s requirements. Management skills are preferred but not required. The position serves without compensation.

Appointing Authority  Length of Term 
Cuyahoga County Executive and confirmed by County Council  2 external members serve at the pleasure of their appointing authority or 3 years for the members that satisfy the financial expertise requirements and 2 years for non-financial experts. 

Public Meeting:
A meeting is held quarterly and other meetings are scheduled.

Cuyahoga County Charter
Section 11.01-11.04

Department of Internal Audit Reports